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Powertrac Tyre team visiting the factory
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摘要:To enhance professional skill and have a better understanding of producing workshop and technology

To enhance professional skill and have a better understanding of producing workshop and technology , all staff members of Powertrac Tyre Co.,Ltd. came Haohua factory for a two-day visiting.

At 9:00 am on March 11th,the team arrived at Shandong Haohua Tire Co., Ltd ,located in Binhai National Economic Development Zone, Weifang.

First of all, the members visited the Phase I and Phase II production workshop under the leadership of the technical staff. With their careful introduction and   explanation , the team experienced the entire manufacturing process from mixing, calendering, cutting, building to curing. At the same time, they observed many materials like fiber cord, steel fabric and bead ring, etc.

Then the team participated in the training course regarding corporate culture organized by personnel department. Through this training, the employee had a clear and comprehensive understanding of enterprise management philosophy and the principle, learned to use Haohua spirit to stimulate and restrain themselves. During the second part of this course, the training staff made introduction about enterprise profile, bringing new feelings for the team.

The training program in March 12th was related to some basic knowledge of semi-steel radial tire as well as detailed product explanation. With a series of accurate data and logo, Technology R & D personnel showed the complete product line and strict technical indicators of Haohua. Besides, the newly developed four seasons tire and inlaid snow tire were introduced particularly, showing our efforts in technological innovation and new product development.

In the bright tire exhibition hall, the technical staff helped the team to study the different performance and application of different patterns of tire. The team members learned the unique production process of white side tires as well. A lot of questions about the sidewall logo, factory competitiveness, arrangement of producing and delivery were raised and technical staff gave detailed explanation in response.

In the POWETRAC brand warehouse, the team members saw the placement and stock situation of different specifications of the tires and labels. They also visited the packaging machine and packaging process. Purchasing staff in time communicated with the warehouse staff about delay loading, wrong equipment , short-shipment and other issues that happen in the routine work.

During the visiting process, all team members are in good spirit. They take actions closely together, learn new knowledge with great enthusiasm and passion and focus on summarizing and sharing. In one word, this is a fruitful and meaningful visiting.



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